Kelly Osbourne Gets A New Puppy!

And puppy makes four for Kelly Osbourne and her motley family, which includes fiance Luke Worrall; Sid, the Pomeranian puppy she received as a birthday gift last year; and now Woody, a teeny, 1-lb. brown Pom that resembles a ball of caramel fluff with a pair of black button eyes.

Over the course of several messages posted to Twitter in recent days, Osbourne announced that she was traveling on a private plane to pick up a new puppy for her father, Ozzy Osbourne, who had “been so down” since a coyote attacked and killed his dog, Little Bit, last summer.

They found the perfect companion for dad, “We also have my dad’s new dog with us I can’t wait he is not gonna believe his eyes.”


Bunny: Torched In His Hutch By Drunk Woman During Family Argument


Cowering in fear, his fur scorched, this is a traumatised rabbit just minutes after a heartless yob set him alight.He was left badly burned and blistered when Katey Barber torched his hutch after drinking seven cans of lager.The 22-year-old had been burning clothes belonging to her mother’s partner in the garden before turning her attention to the rabbit.She prodded the terrified animal with a stick before throwing a burning piece of paper into its hutch and shutting the door.

When friends and family tried to intervene Barber swore at them and locked them inside the house.Barber was then seen laughing and said: ‘Look, the rabbit’s running around on fire,’ before eventually pouring water on the animal to put out the flames.Vets who examined the rabbit, named Bunny, said he could be permanently scarred by the attack, which happened last September. He may need to have part of one ear amputated and has been left terrified of any human contact.


Questions To Ask Before Adopting A Dog


To have a happy home and a happy dog, it’s critical to choose a pet that fits your needs and also the realities of what your household can accommodate. Here are 8 questions to consider as you decide what kind of dog you want:

1. What is your main requirement from a dog?
If it’s important for your dog to help protect the household, make that a priority. Consider sticking with one of the bigger or more aggressive breeds that are known to make good guard dogs. If you are looking for a companion to sit in your lap, select a small breed of dog like a Chihuahua or Pomeranian.

2. What kind of family environment do you have?
If you have small children, for example, make sure to choose a dog that is less likely to react negatively if startled by noise or poked by little kids. Consider choosing a breed that has a calm nature and socializes well with children such as golden retrievers, collies, pugs and boxers. Other breeds like the Dalmatian and Kerry blue terrier are less tolerant to the excitement that comes with kids running around. If you have other pets, you want to select a dog that gets along with other animals. If you live alone, and have no other pets in your home, these questions may not be as important.

What To Expect From Your African Grey Parrot


African grey parrots are extremely intelligent and alert; some may be high-strung. It is best to acquire these birds at a young age, because wild-caught individuals may have objectionable personalities and vocalizations. Selective breeding for calmness is being initiated by some aviculturists. There is a tendency for African greys to form a bond with an individual family member and become aggressive toward others, especially during the breeding season.

They are believed to be emotionally sensitive and may be prone to remember negative experiences and associate these with certain people and objects. African grey parrots have the greatest potential among common pet bird species for a range of vocalizations and an increasing vocabulary throughout their lives. This mimicking ability can include sounds like dripping water, flushing toilets, squeaky doors, coughs or sneezes and answering machines.

Vital statistics
Body length: 13 inches (33 cm)
Body weight
Congo: 300-550 grams
Timneh: 275-375 grams
Age of sexual maturity: 3-6 years
Maximum life span: 50 years

Is your African Grey a male or a female?

In most African greys, it is difficult to distinguish a male from a female based on physical characteristics; therefore, endoscopy or laboratory methods must be used for sex determination in breeding facilities. African greys prefer to choose their own mates and bond for life. Once initiated, African greys are prolific breeders and the offspring are easy to hand-feed.