Petrol Gives Dogs Vitamin-Fueled Hydration

You’d be surprised to find out how little I know about pet products. Given that all I do all day is think about animals, my dog Ethel, and what I can do to make her happier and healthier and fresher-smelling, you’d think I’d be more au courant about this stuff.It was only this weekend when I walked through the showroom at the NYC Pet Show that I found out that people make yogurt treats for dogs, and freeze-dried raw food, and even a painting kit for pets — like, bring out your pet’s inner-Monet-type painting kit.

If you didn’t think in your wildest imagination that anyone would ever make fill-in-the-blank for pets, they probably have. Add to this now endless list of products something called Petrol, Fuel for Dogs.

It isn’t actual fuel, but a beverage that has been infused with vitamins and flavorings that are supposed to be a healthy treat for your dog. And, your dog is supposed to prefer four times to water, according to the maker. Okay, I’ll bite — or drink, or give to Ethel to drink, seeing as how it’s not intended for human consumption.