Man Finds Alligator Head While Walking Dog


A painter and decorator has described his shock at finding the severed head of an alligator while he was out walking his dogs in West Yorkshire. Peter Lumb, 59, of Huddersfield, found the skull and a section of the reptile’s jaw while he was walking his two border collies on a hillside in the Crosland Moor area.

The bones were checked out by experts at Manchester Museum, where his daughter Catherine works, and found to be that of an American alligator, officially an alligator mississippiensis, which is usually found in the south-eastern United States. Fragments of skin found with the bones indicated they had not been there long before they were discovered.

Describing his find, Mr Lumb said: ”I was taking my dogs for a walk, on to this hillside where I’ve taken them for years, and I think it was the dogs that sniffed them out.”I saw the jawbone and the skull next to it and took it home for the wife to have a look.”I was a bit shocked to find them, a bit taken aback. I was thinking ‘What the hell are they doing there?”’Mr Lumb and his wife, Linda, 59, discussed the possibility of the jaw section being that of a fox or a badger but decided the teeth were too sharp to be from either animal.


Miraculous Escape For Duck Shot Through The Head With Nail Gun


A duck had to undergo emergency surgery after surviving for several days with a 4in nail embedded in its skull.The bird, called Tully by vets, had been shot through the head with a nail gun.But it took rescuers three days to capture the creature, who had the nail sticking out from both sides of its head.

The duck was then rushed for emergency surgery at a vets in Devon Meadows, Victoria, in Australia.
After giving Tully an anaesthetic, vets were able to remove the nail which had pierced his head just 4mm from an eye.Nigel Williamson, 43, from Australian Animal Rescue, was eventually able to catch him after a concerned member of the public raised the alarm.

He said: ‘Before trying to capture him I watched the duck to see what the situation was and he was just waddling around feeding, swimming and doing everything a duck should be doing with this nail in his head.’He didn’t seem bothered about it at all but in his healthy state it meant he was still very hard to get hold of.’When we got him to the vets we found it had missed all the vital organs including his brain. We were able to get it out in about 15 minutes.

Cat Survives 13 Shots To Head And Still Finds Way Home

cat shoot

A furry gray cat named Smokey strayed from his home, was held down by a heartless thug and shot in the head 13 times—and survived.

In a tale of sickening cruelty and remarkable spirit, 9-year-old Smokey turned up at the doorstep of his home in Carisbrook, Australia, one morning, several days after disappearing. His owner, Liz Dunn, burst into tears when she saw him; little Smokey’s face was battered and bleeding, and his left eye appeared shredded.

After taking him to her local police station, Dunn learned what most likely happened to Smokey—he was either caged or pinned down and repeatedly shot in the head with a pellet gun, either by a lone attacker or a gang. “I was just really shocked that someone could take an animal and literally hold them down and just keep shooting them,” Dunn told Australia’s “The police said that they have to keep reloading the slug gun, it’s not a process that automatically goes bang, bang, bang. Smokey had been either contained or held because all of them were in his head and nowhere else in his body was injured. I was just shocked and horrified.”

Meow Miracle Cat Survives Shot In Head With Arrow

cat with arrow

Maybe cats really do have nine lives! In what can only be described as a miracle, Brownie, a 4-year-old feline in Indiana, found himself the target of abuse when someone shot an arrow through his head.

“It entered above his right eye,” Monroe County Humane Association’s CEO Sarah Hayes tells PEOPLE Pets. “And came out near the opposite ear. Miraculously, it did not go through his skull.”

Brownie, an outdoor cat who disappeared for a few days from his home in Bloomington, Ind., returned to his owner, Dillon Eads, 83, last week, seemingly unaware that something had happened to him.
“It’s just broke my heart,” a tearful Eads said of first seeing Brownie, in an interview with Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

After immediate calls to the police and animal control, Brownie was taken to Bloomington’s Town and Country Vet Hospital, where the veterinarian determined, based on the infection that was setting in, that the arrow had been lodged for at least three days.

2,000-yr-Old Statue Of Horse’s Head


German archaeologists on Thursday unveiled a bronze and gold horse’s head they said was believed to be a remnant of a 2000-year-old Roman statue.

A team digging at a former Roman town near Waldgirmes in central Germany found the life-sized head along with the foot of a rider on August 12.“This bronze sculpture counts among the best pieces to have ever been found from the area of the former Roman empire,” said Eva Kuehne-Hoermann, Hesse’s state minister for science, at the unveiling in Frankfurt.