Twitter For Dogs !!!!!


Twitter has proven itself to be one of the most useful tools ever for time-wasting, inane chatter, and mundane observations. It’s a mystery how anyone survived before following Ashton Kutcher tweets on what he had for dinner. And now, our favorite destroyer of productivity is being taken to the next level: Twitter for dogs.Mattel is working on a device that will allow your dog to automatically update his Twitter account, no typing necessary. Called Puppy Tweets, this smart motion sensor will attach to your dog’s collar and send signals to a USB receiver in your computer, which will then update Twitter with pre-written tweets such as “Somedays it feels like my paw is permanently on the snooze button.”

Impressive. Not even humans can tweet while sleeping.

Now you and all your friends can know exactly what your dog is doing every second of the day, no matter how uninteresting it is. It will be just as compelling as every other tweet you’ve ever read. That is, unless your dog is on some kind of cross-country-traveling, Homeward Bound, Milo & Otis adventure.If they’re smart, Mattel will let users program custom tweets, and then we could have more realistic tweeting from our four-legged friends, such as the following:

“OMG another dog! OMG! OMG! OMG!”

“@fido ur butt smells wonderful”

“So excited to chew on self for next hour”

Expect to see Puppy Tweets in stores this fall for the surprisingly reasonable price of $29.99.