Britain Is Fat Pet Nation With 3.5Million Overweight Dogs


A third of Britain’s pet dogs are overweight, a study has found.Pet charity PDSA has warned dog owners are killing their animals with kindness.Too many fatty treats and a lack of exercise, which can slash pets’ life-expectancy and cause them serious health problems, have been blamed for the obesity epidemic. The proportion of fat dogs has jumped from a quarter two years ago. More than 3.5million dogs are now thought to be too fat.In Glasgow more than half were found to be overweight.Northern Ireland had the UK’s healthiest dogs with fewer than one in five judged too big.

Cats are also getting bigger with one in four now overweight, compared to one in five three years ago.And vet Sean Wensley said the ‘steady increase’ in pet obesity was even affecting hamsters and other small animals.He said: ‘As people’s waistlines increase, so too our pets’ vital statistics seem to be mirroring that trend.‘Many owners get into the habit of feeding scraps and fatty treats to pets.’It’s not good for them and the onset of Lent is an ideal time to make a fresh start.’