Hippo Escapes Zoo In Montenegro


The hippo, named Nikica, escaped its pen as heavy rains in the south-eastern European country caused the flooding of the zoo.But the owners of the complex hosting the zoo said there was no reason for panic.He sometimes escapes his habitat when the water levels rise and this is not unusual,” Nikola Pejovic, one of the owners of the complex, told AFP.

Mr Pejovic said that the two-tonne beast “usually walks along [an] already known path, about one kilometer (0.6miles) long, towards neighbouring houses” in the village of Plavnica on Lake Skadar.”Nikica is their regular guest and locals are completely used to him,” Mr Pejovic said.The hippo’s movements have been followed by the zoo’s private security, Mr Pejovic said, adding that the animal “is extremely tame and peaceful”.