"Micro-Pigs" Are The Latest Celebrity Pet Craze A


With their wrinkled little snouts, tiny trotters and oversized ears, they are irresistibly cute.But while these micro pigs may be minuscule, their price tag is anything but.In exchange for up to £700, owners take home a pet which weighs just 9oz at birth and is the size of a tea cup.

Two years later the pigs are fully grown – but still only weigh up to 65lb and stand at around 14in tall.Unlike popular myth, the pigs are exceedingly clean and enjoy the company of people.The adorable animals, which grow to just 14in tall, are being snapped up by celebrities, including Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley.


‘Demand for micro pigs is soaring and we are inundated with inquiries every day,’ says Jane Croft, 42, who has given up her job to breed them full time.‘It’s amazing how popular they have suddenly become and just how many people want pigs as pets.’Micro pigs are much smaller than a standard farm pig and weigh 9oz, about the size of a tea cup when they are born.