NY Man Who Snapped Dog's Spine Gets Year In Prison

A New York man who killed his girlfriend’s dog by snapping its spine has been sentenced to a year behind bars.
Twenty-one-year-old Jonathan King, of Yorktown, was sentenced Tuesday. King has admitted that he killed Libra, a Yorkshire terrier-Maltese mix, in April 2009 by yanking its collar hard enough to dislocate its head from its spine.

Prosecutors say King went to his girlfriend’s house at a time when he knew no one would be home and killed the dog “with no justifiable purpose.”
The dog’s body was found behind a clothes dryer. King was identified when DNA analysis determined that blood found beneath the dog’s claws was his.

Steven Levine, the father of the dog’s owner, says the family considers King “a danger to our family, our community and our society.”


Swimming Elephant Takes Man For A Dip !

Perched between the tusks, an Indian ‘mahout’ or elephant driver is photographed on his steed in this arresting image.It was taken in the Andaman Islands, a remote archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, where Rajan, a 60-year-old elephant, lives.

The six-ton elephant learnt to swim 40 years ago to help work for logging companies there. For years the elephant felled trees with Nasru, his 58-year-old driver.But in 2002 logging was banned in the islands and most of the 200 elephants were sent back to the Indian mainland.

Homeless Man Reunited With His Cat


Samantha, the pug-nosed cat, and Daniel Harlan, a homeless man who owned her, were reunited Harlan wept when Tom Neville, who had the missing cat for weeks, gave Samantha back.”I thought I’d lost her for good,” Harlan said.The cat and Harlan got together again after The Chronicle ran a story Tuesday, along with a picture, about the cat’s disappearance. Neville saw it and recognized Samantha as the animal he rescued from life on the streets.

Harlan was convinced his Himalayan cat had been stolen and maybe sold for money. He searched all over for the cat and tried to file a missing cat report with the police and the SPCA, but had no luck.As it turned out, the cat hadn’t been stolen at all, only rescued. As Neville tells it, he was driving to work one rainy morning and spotted a wet and bedraggled cat tied on a leash under the freeway at a homeless encampment near Eighth and Brannan streets. Dogs were nearby and, to a stranger, the cat’s situation looked desperate.

Homeless Man Offers Reward For Missing Cat


Daniel Harlan, a slight man with a wispy beard going gray, is just another face in the crowd in San Francisco. He is homeless, a street panhandler. Most people wouldn’t give him a second glance except for his constant companion, a pug-nosed Himalayan cat named Samantha.The cat made him stand out among panhandlers. Now the cat is gone. Stolen, Harlan thinks.

Harlan is 58. He has had a tough life: You can see it on his face, and the cat is probably his only friend in the world.”It’s the only thing he really cares about,” said Harlan’s brother, Stephen Kent, a rancher who lives in Oklahoma.Somebody took Harlan’s cat Friday from a homeless encampment under a freeway off-ramp near Eighth and Harrison streets. Harlan had gone off to buy some food for himself and Samantha at a nearby store with money he’d gotten panhandling. He left the cat on a leash tied to his tent. “Somebody just untied the leash and took her,” he said Monday. “I was only gone for a few minutes, and when I got back she was gone.”

Man Operated On His Own Dog Because Vet Too Expensive


A man who claimed he could not afford medical care for his dog has been charged with illegally operating on the pet. Alan MacQuattie, from Barrington, in the north-eastern state of Rhode Island, removed a cyst from the leg of his 14-year-old yellow labrador-mix .But professional veterinarians had to operate again after an infection developed following the first surgery.

E.J. Finocchio, a veterinarian and president of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, called the surgery a “heinous crime”.Court records show that Mr MacQuattie pleaded no contest last week to misdemeanour charges of animal cruelty and unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine.But he told television station WPRI, which first reported on the surgery, that he did not think there was anything cruel about what he had done.


Man In Wheelchair Credits Dog With Saving Him From House Fire


Billy King is ready to buy his dog, Skip, a big bag of dog food after the dog barked to warn him of a fire on the other side of his duplex. The early warning was particularly important in this case because the Kansas man uses a wheelchair and had to call his son for help.King tells that he awoke to his dog’s warning around 4:30 a.m. Firefighters and his son helped him out of his home, at which point the windows started to break from the heat of the fire.

Something tells us Skip is going to get more than a bit of extra dog food — do they even make dog treats tasty enough to show this kind of appreciation….. ????


Man Finds Alligator Head While Walking Dog


A painter and decorator has described his shock at finding the severed head of an alligator while he was out walking his dogs in West Yorkshire. Peter Lumb, 59, of Huddersfield, found the skull and a section of the reptile’s jaw while he was walking his two border collies on a hillside in the Crosland Moor area.

The bones were checked out by experts at Manchester Museum, where his daughter Catherine works, and found to be that of an American alligator, officially an alligator mississippiensis, which is usually found in the south-eastern United States. Fragments of skin found with the bones indicated they had not been there long before they were discovered.

Describing his find, Mr Lumb said: ”I was taking my dogs for a walk, on to this hillside where I’ve taken them for years, and I think it was the dogs that sniffed them out.”I saw the jawbone and the skull next to it and took it home for the wife to have a look.”I was a bit shocked to find them, a bit taken aback. I was thinking ‘What the hell are they doing there?”’Mr Lumb and his wife, Linda, 59, discussed the possibility of the jaw section being that of a fox or a badger but decided the teeth were too sharp to be from either animal.

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