Numerology And Your Pet

Surprising as it may sound, Numerology does affect your relationship with those around you and pets are not an exception. After all, a pet compatible to your number can be your best friend!

We bring astrologist and numerologist, Rajeev Khattar to delve into the number game and reveal, which pet suits your number the most…

How to calculate your number?
Total of the digits of your birth date determines your birth number. For example if a person is born on 11th October, he will be governed by number 11 and number 2 (1+1 = 2 ).

Number 1
People born on dates including 1, 10, 19 or 28 are ruled by number 1 and the sun.People with number 1 are known to be determined and disciplined by nature. A dog suits their temperament the most because dogs are also known to be disciplined and alert like them. Amongst the many breeds of dogs, German Shepherd will be the best companion for people with Number 1.

Number 2
People born on dates including 2, 11, 20 or 29 are governed by number 2 and are ruled by Moon.
Just like moon changes its phases, people with number 2 are notorious for their changing moods. For them, the soft and sensitive Pomeranian dogs are the best. Since people with this number get depressed easily, having white pigeons as pets will give them the required peace of mind.

Number 3
People born on dates including 3, 12, 21or 30 of any month are governed by number 3 and are ruled by the planet Jupiter.Jupiter is the largest of all the planets in Indian astrology and keeping small chirping birds as pets will greatly benefit them. Chirping of the birds will keep their moods and mind in perfect working order.


11 Pound Dog With Nine Pounds Of Dreadlocks


How natty are your dreads?

Psssh. That ain’t nothing compared to Buju Banton over here. According to the Rexburg Standard Journal, this dog (yes, that is indeed what this Rastafarian-Cousin-It-looking creature is) was snagged by police when a resident of St. Anthony, Idaho reported an “animal of unknown species” in her backyard.

The police contacted the local chapter of the Humane Society, who brought the extraordinarily hirsute canine to a nearby animal hospital. The staff there were able to remove nine pounds of matted hair from the 11-pound dog, although the poor, put-upon pooch had to be anesthetized in order to remove the hair from his paws. Because of the neglect, the dog will require some further medical care, and remains in the custody of the Humane Society.

Police were able to locate the owner of the dog, but he or she was found to be of “diminished capacity,” and will probably not be charged for animal cruelty or neglect, reports the Rexburg Standard Journal.