Fish With Human-Like Teeth

15 Pacu teeth 3.jpg

Pacu fish, cousins to the piranha and known as “frugivores,” have human-like teeth that can crack nuts and fruits.They and many other kinds of species of fish with weird teeth are featured in “Hooked”.

human like long teeth

Also known as the “Vampire Fish,” The Payara earns its “vampire” nickname with a set of two-inch daggers thrusting up from its bottom jaw.



Buttkiss, The 41 Year Old Pacu

41 old fish

Buttkiss, a 20 lb. black Pacu (related to the Piranha), has been living in the same Queens pet shop since the Summer of Love. That’s right, he was born in 1967, and 41 years later he’s still going strong. Why is this so special? The average life expectancy of a Pacu is 2 to 20 years — so pet shop owner Steve Gruebel must be the reigning king of Pacu care!

In 1968, Buttkiss was sold to a man named Kurt Emerick. At the time, the fish was only about two inches long but soon grew to be much bigger and became very aggressive. Emerick wasn’t so psyched when the Paco started knocking things over in his fish tank, so he returned him to the pet shop, where Gruebel named him after linebacker Dick Butkus. (Gruebel likes to spell it Buttkiss.)