Pet Shop Manager Caught Stealing Penguin From Japanese Zoo


A pet shop manager has been caught attempting to steal a penguin from a zoo in southern Japan. A security guard at the Nagasaki Bio Park noticed Akira Honda, 24, ushering the Humboldt Penguin into his suitcase in January. According to the zoo, the penguin is worth about Y400,000 (£2,960).Mr Honda told police that he had run up debts which he intended to pay off by selling the creature to a collector.

Humboldt Penguins are native to South America and grow to around 27 inches tall and up to 13lb in weight. They are currently listed as vulnerable, due largely to the destruction of their habitats, and an estimated 12,000 survive in the wild.Police investigating the case have since determined that Mr Honda began his pet theft spree in November by snatching a capybara – worth some Y150,000 (£1,100) – from the animal petting section of Uninonakamichi Seaside Park in Fukuoka.


Gay-Then-Straight Penguin Sick With Respiratory Infection


It’s hard to believe that leaving a famously homosexual partnership for a female wasn’t the drama to end all dramas in Harry the penguin’s life. Over the weekend, the San Francisco Examiner reported that the San Francisco Zoo’s most famous Magellanic penguin had fallen ill with an infection that can be fatal.

A few weeks ago, zookeepers noticed that Harry’s appetite had diminished, a big indicator of his physical state. He was also coughing, and was eventually diagnosed with aspergillosis, a respiratory infection caused by ever-present mold spores in the environment.

Harry left the colony on Penguin Island to receive treatment, and in keeping with the zoo’s policy of giving penguins in treatment a buddy, was joined by his new partner Linda. The zoo’s curator of birds, Harrison Edell,said that both birds are very adaptable, and have adjusted well to the change. Linda is “being a penguin,” and Harry is improving gradually.