A Six-Legged Deer Discovered


A mutant, six-legged deer was discovered in Everett Springs, Georgia in the US after being viciously attacked by two dogs. The little one has two distinct pelvises and uses one leg from each to walk. It also had two tails but lost one following the attack of the dogs.

The veterinarian treating it said the deer’s case is truly abnormal: the legs are part of a twin that didn’t form all the way. It seems to move pretty well, considering the two central legs almost always get in the way. The owners of the dogs said they realized the mutation right after they separated the dogs from the deer and wanted to release it.

Nonetheless, the little one can barely survive in the wilderness on its own. According to the veterinarian, it will be taken at the deer facility at the University of Georgia once it has recovered. Here is a video of fawn trying to run around.