4 Ways To Show Your Pet Some LOVE


We know that just like us, you’ll be treating your pet this Valentine’s Day — but you may be unsure of how exactly to show your love. We recently spoke to pet entertaining expert and author Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, to get her advice on feting your furry friend.”I don’t want people to think that Valentine’s Day has to be a huge thing,” Whitman said Wednesday at Chef Michael’s Be My Valentine Doggie Dinner Party in New York. “There are simple ways to celebrate with your pet, and make them feel loved and pampered, by using the acronym LOVE.”

L stands for “lounging around.” “Lay on the sofa, snuggle on the floor, it doesn’t matter where,” Whitman says. “It makes them feel extraordinary, and I think sometimes we forget what an impact that has on them.”

stands for “ordering in.” “If you order food for yourself, get your dog an extra-special premium food. … Stay at home and have dinner together!”

V stands for “Valentine’s Day gift.” “Give them a little something to commemorate the day. It helps them know that something special is going on.”

E stands for “extra-special pampering.” “Make them know they look their best, and make them feel their best,” Whitman says. “It’s the simple things.”