Soccer-Playing Penguins Bend It Like Beak-ham

The South Korean penguins might not have much in the way of soccer skills, but that hasn’t stopped their coach for putting them on the field. The 11 flightless footballers can be found wearing the national team colors at the Everland aquarium, located about an hour outside of Seoul.

The penguins’ trainer, Lee Kwang-hee, hopes this spirited group of admittedly wobbly players will inspire the South Korean team to reach the next round at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, as you’ll see in the video below from the New York Post.

World Cup Threat To Rare Vulture

One of Africa’s largest birds of prey is being taken to the edge of extinction by South African gamblers who believe that smoking its brains will give them supernatural powers to predict results in this month’s football World Cup. Mark Anderson, of BirdLife South Africa, said he feared that belief in “muti” magic would accelerate the decline in rare Cape vultures. “Many vulture species across the world are in trouble. Our own species in southern Africa is declining sharply for a number of reasons, including reduced food availability, deliberate poisoning and electrocution from electricity pylons.

“The harvesting of the birds’ heads by followers of muti magic is an additional threat these birds can’t endure.”

Jackal Is Nipped !!

This jackal was reminded of his place in nature’s pecking order when he got a nasty nip on the nose after trying to snatch a hungry vulture’s scrap of meat.The pair came to blows after setting their sights on the same tasty snack.Although the meat was closely guarded by the bird the jackal thought he’d try his luck – but he obviously hadn’t bargained for a fight.


Great White Sharks Now One Of The Most Endangered Creatures On Earth


They are known as one of the deadliest creatures on Earth. But according to a shocking new study, great white sharks are also one of the most endangered. Wildlife experts say there are now fewer than 3,500 great whites left in the oceans, making them rarer than tigers.Yesterday, marine biologists called for an end to mankind’s long battle with sharks and demanded urgent action to prevent them going extinct.Great white sharks have a deserved reputation as ruthless and efficient killers, who use ambush techniques to attack fish, dolphins and seals from below.

White Lion Cub Stands Out at South African Sanctuary


A 2-week-old lion cub in South Africa has fleece as white as snow — not to mention unparalleled cuteness! Born to mom Sahara and dad Alex, the toothless little one, named Lilly, is currently growing up at the Mystic Monkeys & Feathers Wildlife Park near the city of Pretoria, where she greets visitors daily.

Just one of a handful of white lions found around the world, Lilly is a rare mutation of the common African breed. Though she’s not albino — her eyes and skin have normal pigmentation — white lions like her have a hard time surviving in the wild because they don’t blend into the scenery.Luckily for Lilly, she doesn’t have to worry about any outside threats. Instead, she’s living the life in her sanctuary, reportedly sleeping in her keeper’s bed at night and drinking 10 bottles of kitten milk each day. Sign us up!


Lioness And Buffalo Caught On Camera


Passengers driving through Kruger National Park, in South Africa, watched as the determined lioness tried to bring down the buffalo bull on her own.The pair were so engrossed in their eight hour-long battle that they crossed just feet from cars treating motorists to a grandstand view of the gladiatorial conflict.Famous for doing most of the hunting the lioness was even watched from the sidelines by a large male who did nothing to help her.
The scene was captured on film by tourist Muhammed Patel.

The 24-year-old business owner said: “It was just like watching a wildlife documentary unfold before your very eyes, except this time we were in it too.”They were just feet from the cars, but neither of them seemed to notice the people, they were just determined to fight each other.

“I have never seen a lioness so determined to kill this bull even though she was all alone, and the cheeky pride male was just watching from the grass.”According to witnesses, the buffalo had been targeted by a group of lionesses but had fought all of them off bar one.The drama unfolded on the Orpen Road which is the main route through the world famous park.

Oscar The Dog : Hound The World In 80 Days


A dog called Oscar is has laid claim to the title of the animal kingdom’s most intrepid explorer after visiting famous landmarks around the world. His travels include five continents, 29 countries and stopping off everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal.Oscar was rescued from a South African kennel by owner Joanne Lefson five years ago. In May the pair began an epic journey hoping to inspire millions to help save his fellow canines living as strays on the streets.

Dodging crocodile-infested rivers, walking on the Great Wall of China and escaping Italian police Oscar finally finished his tour last week.The £250,000 six-month trip – which Joanne funded by selling her home – also took in 15,000 shelter dogs and at more than 50 charity-run rescue centres.The pair capped off the tour at Brazil’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, Brazil.

Ms Lefson, who is half British and half South African, had the idea to take the titanic trip dubbed ‘The World Woof Tour’.
She said it was a miracle Oscar was alive let alone a globe trotter.She said: “If I hadn’t gone to the kennel that fateful day Oscar had one more day left and would have been put down.”When I discovered what a wonderful dog Oscar was it broke my heart to think how many ‘Oscar’s’ are still out there and simply just don’t get that second chance.

Toy Meerkat Becomes Mother To Orphans


The five baby meerkats lost their mother Anika after the trauma of giving birth to the brood, combined with her age, proved too much for her.But rather than leave them alone without mum, owner Steve Rowlands, 28, had to come up with an ingenious way to get them through what could have been a difficult childhood.Using a ten-inch tall Meerkat cuddly toy and a hot water bottle he has now managed to recreate the motherly experience for the tiny creatures.

Now the furry four-inch critters get a near-authentic start to life at their home in Tropical Inc in Oldbury, West Mids.
“The babies are a month old now and they lost their mum just two days after they were born,” Mr Rowlands said. “We bought the toy to try and lessen the trauma for them and try and make things as natural as possible.”We put it in with them and they just snuggled up to it like it was their mother. To recreate the warmth that Anika would have given off we also found a small hot water bottle we got the right temperature.

Amazing Capture

car handle 1

A lion grabs a car’s door handle in its teeth at a safari park near Johannesbrg, South Africa……and opens the back door. The driver sped off unharmed

car handle 2


Lioness Attacks Buffalo, Creating Traffic Jam In South Africa


A hungry lioness was photographed by a brave tourist as she attacked an enormous water buffalo in Kruger National Park in South Africa. So intent was the big cat on getting her lunch that she chased her prey directly into the midst of a convoy of cars carrying tourists through the park.One snapper, “Mgdonny”, posted the series of action shots on the photo sharing website Flickr.

The lucky photographer wrote: “We sat there for about an hour and nothing happened. The buffalo then tried to lift itself up, with great difficulty, and after some time managed to get on its feet.