New Mommy Chihuahua Adopts Orphaned Kittens


You might think Tinkerbell the tiny chihuahua is busy enough looking after her own brood of four puppies, let alone three kittens.But Tinkerbell, who is barely 10 inches high, has not only let the moggies on her turf, she has accepted them as her own and is happy to feed the cold and hungry newborns.

She went into labour last week and had a caesarean birth at the Hobart Animal Hospital in Australia.While her owner Angie Reynolds was at the chihuahua’s bedside, a man brought in three orphaned kittens.After learning that the kittens would most likely be put down, Ms Reynolds decided to take them home and hand-rear them until they were ready to go to new homes.

When she introduced the kittens to Tinkerbell it was puppy love at first sight.’Not only has Tinkerbell accepted them, she cleans and snuggles the kittens and gets frantic if I pick one up,’ Ms Reynolds said.