Amazing Animals Stories Part -1

Drowning diver is saved by a whale


A drowning diver has a beluga whale to thank for helping to save her life after her legs were paralyzed by cramps. Yang Yun was taking part in a free-diving contest at Polar Land in Harbin, north-east China, in which participants were required to sink seven metres to the bottom of a pool and stay there for as long as possible without the aid of breathing equipment.Ms Yun, 26, thought she was going to die amid the beluga whales she shared the arctic pool with, after struggling to move her legs while trying to kick her way to the surface.

The lady began to choke and sank even lower she thought she was going to die. Until she felt an incredible force under her driving her to the surface.Beluga whale Mila had spotted her difficulties and using her sensitive dolphin-like nose guided Yun safely to the surface.


The Feisty Vancouver Island Marmot


The feisty Vancouver Island Marmot is Canada’s most endangered mammal with only an estimated 30 living in the wild in 2003. However, institutions like the Calgary and Toronto Zoos launched aggressive breeding and release programs that have since bolstered the wild population to 200 or more. These pups were born at the Calgary Zoo on June 30th and the Toronto Zoo just welcomed a litter this week!

Canada’s Most Endangered Mammal and a 2010 Olympic Mascot – Making a Comeback Calgary, AB –When a species comes to the brink of extinction, it takes the dedicated and combined effort of many individuals and institutions to rescue it.

In total, 65 Vancouver Island marmot pups were born this year at four
partnering facilities across Canada including the Calgary Zoo, the Toronto Zoo,Mountain View Conservation & Breeding Centre in Langley, B.C. and the Tony Barrett Mt. Washington Recovery Centre on Vancouver Island.