Animal Hypnotist Is Britain's First 'Rabbit Whisperer'


An animal hypnotist claims to be the country’s first “rabbit whisperer”, treating pets behavioral problems., Cliff Penrose 60, uses a special technique to put rabbits into a trance – leaving them flat on their backs with their legs in the air.

He is able to hypnotise then animals by applying pressure and massaging certain parts of the body, including the belly which relaxes them. Mr Penrose then ”bows” to the rabbit by lowering his head so it does not feel threatened before shutting its eyelids leaving it in a trance.

He regularly hypnotises rabbits before they go to the vet so they can be treated and examined more easily.But he also treats “problem” rabbits with behavioural issues and can make them less aggressive after putting them in a trance.The grandfather-of-two from St Austell, Cornwall, said the hypnotised rabbits often live longer as a result of being de-stressed.