Bear Shot Down From Tree After Getting Stuck

A bear cub was shot by authorities in California after it got stuck up a pine tree while scavenging for food.Authorities were forced to shoot the animal, which weighed more than 100 pounds, with a tranquilliser dart after it became distressed up the tree.

Pictures of the incident showed the black cub falling about 15 feet from the tree and into a safety mat below.Witnesses reported that while it was dazed, it was not hurt during the incident, which occurred on Wednesday in the north-west Los Angeles suburb of Porter Ranch.

Experts said the black bear cub, estimated to be about two years old, had likely been separated from its mother and was scavenging for food.
After residents noticed the cub roaming the streets, about 40 Los Angeles firefighters, police, wildlife experts and officials from the Californian Department of Fish and Game arrived to find the bear stranded up the tree.


Woman Hires Hydraulic Lift To Rescue Pet Parrot From Tree


Animal lover Emma Hooper hired a hydraulic lift to rescue her pet parrot Cleo, who had a panic attack after flying 50 feet up a tree. The 13-year-old macaw had become distressed after a recent house move and escaped from Miss Hooper’s garden.

The disorientated bird flew up a nearby tree but, terrified by the height, wouldn’t come down when coaxed. Unable to get the fire brigade or RSPCA to come out, Miss Hooper ended up paying for a cherry picker. when she was told it wouldn’t arrive until the next day the 27-year-old kept an all-night vigil by the tree.
“Cleo was obviously very scared,” she said. “Whenever I went out of her sight she called to me to get her down.”I felt so helpless. It was awful, the worst feeling in the world.”I took out a chair and blanket but I was getting strange looks from people driving by.”They looked very confused when I said my bird was stuck up in the tree.

“I ended up driving my car around the corner and parked next to the tree. It was warmer and I felt safer but I still got no sleep.”Miss Hooper believes her recent move from Guildford, Surrey, to Botley, near Southampton, Hants, had something to do with Cleo’s escape.”Usually I can take Cleo out in the garden and she won’t fly away. We have often gone outside to sunbathe or chill out,” she said.

Cat Tree House

cat tree house

When first spotting these sleek kitty houses, I thought “how eco-tastic!” However, the trees are phonies. I guess it’s good from a possible poisoning standpoint, but can’t you imagine how sweet it’d be to have a real tree attached to a cat scratcher? Back to the product at hand — namely, two silk-leaved stalks in medium ($675) or large ($875). Even better than the real thing?

ps: not that gr8 for small kittens