Vienna Zoo Breeds Endangered Batagur Turtle

The Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna said on Tuesday it has successfully bred one of the most endangered species of turtle, the Batagur baska, for the first time in captivity.Two baby Batagur turtles were hatched in the zoo’s reptile house at the beginning of May, the zoo said in a statement.

The Batagur baska — which is listed as “critically endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature — is a river terrapin that can grow to up to 60 centimetres (24 inches).At home in the rivers of Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Bangaldesh, its meat and eggs were long considered a delicacy.

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This is the spectacular moment a turtle stops to get a clean from a shoal of fish in an underwater ‘car wash’. The Hawaiian green sea turtle floated in mid water while the almost luminous yellow tang fish busied themselves with the task of removing the algae from his body.In a similar scenario to a normal car wash, the turtles take it in turns to swim into this make-shift ‘cleaning station’ for their daily wash.Photographer Mike Roberts, 60, snapped the incredible picture while diving at Puako in Hawaii.He said: ‘The turtle is visiting a cleaning station of yellow tangs.

Zoo America Welcomes New Additions: Baby Bobcats


Zoo america is now home to three adorable baby bobcats. Born on May 5, the babies were given the signature names “Kit Kat,” “Reese” and “Hershey.” Playful and curious, these kittens are very entertaining to watch.

Born on May 5, the babies were given the signature names “Kit Kat,” “Reese” and “Hershey.” Playful and curious, these kittens are very entertaining to watch. The baby bobcats cannot always be found rolling around in the public viewing area of their habitat, as they are sometimes in their den with their mother, Kira, for feeding and care. Kira came to ZooAmerica last summer from Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, N.J. The bobcat family lives in the Eastern Woodlands area of the Zoo.

Meet A Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle


Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtles grow to be one of South America’s largest, up to 18 lbs and over a foot across, but start their lives only a bit larger than a quarter. Unfortunately for these endangered turtles, they are considered a popular delicacy in and around the Amazon River Basin. The Buffalo Zoo hatched these babies in October where they will soon be on display, and of course, off the menu.


Lucky:The Injured Turtle Comes Out Of His Shell After Receiving New Legs

injured turtle

It’s not every day you see a turtle sliding around with furniture coasters attached to his undershell. But after Lucky the box turtle was attacked by a raccoon, owner Sally Pyne, 60 had to come up with a shatterproof solution.Sally said: ‘He was in so much pain, I was ready to let little Lucky go, but Lucky, wasn’t ready to give up. He was shoving himself around on his two back legs. He was not going to quit.’
So Sally took the plucky turtle who she’s owned for four years to her local vet who stitched and bandaged him up.

injured turtle. 2

But Sally, an elderly carer, knew if Lucky was to survive, he’d need more than a few stitches to help him on his way.She sought the help of vet and reptile expert Robert Jereb and together they came up with the idea of attaching four furniture coasters with double-sided sticky tape to Lucky’s underbelly to raise his front to the right height.